Thursday, February 05, 2009

Bully Police USA has a new Co-Director

Kevin Epling has agreed to be the Bully Police USA Co-Director and serve with myself, Brenda High, to move BPUSA into the forfront of volunteerism and activism for the kids of America.

A little about Kevin...
Kevin is the father of Matt Epling, whose story is featured in the book, Bullycide in America: Moms speak out about the bullying/suicide connection. (This book can be found at

After the loss of his son Matthew in the summer of 2002, forty days after a hazing incident, Kevin and Tammy Epling began to work for an anti-bullying law in Michigan. They want to make sure that children were safe from bullying, hazing and harassment in Michigan’s schools and that the trauma they endured would not happen to someone else. The law will be named "Matt's Safe School Law" in memory of their son.

Locally, Kevin and Tammy have led the charge to establish a community based awareness program: Safe Schools, Safe Communities.

The Eplings have been actively telling their story to numerous civic, educational and parent groups, have been featured on CNN, The Mitch Albom Show and several other local and regional news outlets. Kevin and Tammy have established an art competition for middle school students to explore the arts and assist in building self esteem

Kevin and Tammy also serve as Legislative Liaisons for Bully Police Michigan as well as doing some consulting and speaking engagements. Kevin can be contacted by email at

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