Saturday, February 26, 2011

A boy on Fire - Put the fire out with Dr Pepper?

I was astounded at the type of people, no, sub-human people, this boy had the misfortune of staying with for a sleep-over. What kind of people would throw water on a burning carpet and Dr Pepper on a boy who was on fire? ...I can answer that - This was the family of a juvenile delinquent who put perfume on a boy and then lit him on fire. That says a lot.

The next question - What will law enforcement do about this?

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..."He had second- and third-degree burns on his hands, his arm, his chest, his face and his neck," she said.

James told his mother he was sleeping when he was doused with cologne and set on fire.

"I smelt cologne all over me, and the next thing I knew, I felt fire," James told WTVF-TV.

James said he ran to get help and fell down a flight of stairs, landing in front of a group of adults. His clothes and the carpet he was lying on were on fire, he said.

"They grabbed whole lots of water, throwing it on the carpet. Then all they could find for me was Dr Pepper, thrown on me," the boy said.


Mamaof3Cuties said...

my son is being bullied. no one will listen school board has ruled it as horse play and he has been physically harmed. Please help contact me at

Raven said...

I feel your pain. As we have all posted on the post below on BullyPolice where it has been deemed a civil rights violation... no one seems to care. I proay you find help. My daughter was outright molested on a school bus and no one has done nothing. Her twin brother is bullied everyday and no one cares or does nothing. In a state that has a Anti Bully law like NC we should have some sort of help but nothing. I pray my children live through it because it is a matter of time befor ethis escalates and they recieve even more serious injuries or become impacted and hurt themself and their school is totally at fault all the way beyond the school superintendant.

Online Helper said...
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Online Helper said...
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Online Helper said...

CORRECTED/UPDATED: Dear Brenda, This message comes from an old friend in the early days of Now, ten years later your guidance is needed for young and older alike, in the tragic loss by peer murder of Seath Tyler Jackson, of Summerfield, Florida this past weekend.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.


Layloveanne said...

Good morning! I am a 16-year-old incoming junior at Pearl City High school and I, too, believe that bullying is a big problem in the state of Hawai'i and across the nation. I also think that bullycide is a rising epidemic. I am a strong advocate against bullying in general. I have created an organization called Hand in Hand We'll Take a Stand. It spreads awareness in Hawaiithrough a website I made. My intentions are to try to transform it into a non-profit organization, but I need some support. First of all, I don't know how to approach this, so if you could give me some tips I would HIGHLY appreciate it. I just recently began this "movement" a couple weeks ago after going to a leadership conference where I was inspired to make a difference. I would also REALLY appreciate if you "liked" my facebook page to see how much support I really have to see if it's worth it to push to become a non-profit organization since Hawai'i has no anti-bullying laws. Thank you so much!