Sunday, September 11, 2011

CBS Special - 48 Hours - Bullying: Words Can Kill

Kevin Epling, BPUSA, Co-Director, may be included in an interview on a CBS News/48 Hours Special called, "Bullying: Words Can Kill.

Watch for the special on Friday, September 16, at 8:00 pm (check your local listings and times).

To read a little about what Kevin is doing, go to the link below.|mostpopular|text|FRONTPAGE

To order the "Bullycide in America" book, go to or

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Pram Sandwich said...

There was a girl, "Gabby Gaga" on's forums who supposedly committed suicide after they tried to get her kicked out of college.

The threads in which this was happening (including one in which her own mother was made fun of as she grieved her daughter's death) have been hidden by a forum moderator, but the damage is done.

I-Mockery also attacked me and has been harrassing and impersonating me publicly since 2006. They tampered with my search results. They posted a picture of my house. They posted my home address. They called me hurtful names and attempted to keep me from getting jobs.

Ignore the name of the site, for a moment. Would you want someone to do all of that to you after you thought you were just joining a funny humor site? The website itself is fine; it's the I-Mockery FORUMS that need to go.

Amazingly, the 6'0Clock news was not interested in this story in 2011, but that was before cyberbullying and bullycide became a national crisis. Maybe now they will be interested.