Sunday, October 24, 2004

Conference Call Nov 9th

A conference call has been arraigned on November 9 at 9:00 PM Eastern time (8: PM Central, 7: PM MST, 6: PM PST) on the topic - How to get an Anti Bullying Law passed in your State, or How to make a difference for kids who have been or are bullied. It will be about an hour long. If your State already has a law, we still invite you to our Conference call because many school districts are not obeying their state law. We will teach you how to work with those school districts, helping them to obey the law. We will also have a chance to meet others around the USA who are trying to make a difference in their schools and State.

I have received confirmation, yes or no, from several people (Brenda S. IL; Libby G. ME; Jan B. CA; Marc J. MO; Renee O. MA; Maureen B. IL; Anna MO; Kathy F. FL; Donna F AZ; Officer Alessandra N. OH; Elizabeth B. CA/SC; Tamatha B. KS; Cathy S. OK; & Stan P. NV). I have only sent out the this invitation to a fraction of my email list because I wanted to give parents and activists who are passionate about solving the bullying plague first dibs. By the middle of next week, I will invite some educators and media who have shown an interest in anti bullying laws.

There must be an RSVP if you are interested at

The cost will be your normal long-distance rate, plus the investment of one hour of your time.

This is the time of year that lawmakers start putting together laws. As soon as the election is over, we need to start bugging our lawmakers to move forward for the protection of bullied and abused kids.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Brenda High
Director, Bully Police USA


Dawn said...

The conference call was GREAT!!!

Dawn said...

I got some really good ideas tonight that may help me with the stale mate concerning the Bully Bill in Michigan, and how to help it move along.