Monday, October 18, 2004

Possible New Fed. Anti Bullying Law

Information from Joseph Sgarlata about HR 4776

VOTE below: (Brenda – this is what everyone in your database should be doing – VOTING using this form – post this on the blog)

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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Kristl Widner
24356 Drake Road
Abingdon, VA 24211
Dear Committee,
I can not be there because of the weather but here is my statement. I am Kristl Widner, Mother of Theron Naples. My son was bullied off and on for eight years. My son told me when I picked him up from football practice that they make me feel so bad I want to kill myself. I was driving and almost wrecked. I went to the school the next day and put him on homebound to study from home. I worked on his mental health and he decided after a time period of being home they were not worth it because his family loved and needed him. I went to the media to bring the issue of bullying to everyone’s attention. People called the school and asked about him. They wanted to know how he was. People cared and you should to keep this from happening to another family. This devastated me. I was angry and upset. My stomach still hurts when I remember his mistreatment. I want to cry and say to my son I am sorry I am sorry I could not do anything. I am sorry no one would help or listen to help you. I am sorry to think the school was doing anything to help you when I went to them on several occasions. How many times can I say I am sorry for him being hurt? There is not enough when it had gone on eight years. I am now fighting to protect him and other children from being terrorized everyday they go to school. Wrong is not doing anything to put something in the law. Right is putting a law into place to protect kids so they can go to school and get their education. We have the No child left behind act. Well kids are falling behind because of being terrorized day in and day out. Let my son’s story be an example of why there should be law and not let some other child suffer my son terror he already suffered. Give all bullied kids justice by passing the antibully law!
Kristl Widner