Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Massachusetts, the 42nd state to get an anti bullying law?

I'm counting down the days - I don't think it will be long now and Massachusetts may have their law. Right now the law is in the reconciliation phase as both state houses have passed their versions of an anti bullying law. The governor has promised to sign the law.

So here's the good news. After reading Senate, No. 2323, AN ACT Relative to Bullying in Schools... It would be a pleasure to give them an A++ grade.

Way to go Massachusetts!!!


beachgirl9 said...
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beachgirl9 said...

The proposed law defines "bullying" [a]s any written or verbal expression or physical act or gesture or a pattern of behavior intended to cause emotional distress of a student in a public school..."

There is also a need for kids to learn how to defend themselves. Life will continuously throw conflict and rotten people their way. The flip side of this noble movement is the concern that we are raising a generation of cry-babies and wusses.

beachgirl9 said...
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Brucker said...

Hello, I am a student currently working on a Master of Education, and I came across your excellent site yesterday while researching a report on legal aspects of school bullying. What a wonderful resource you have here, obviously not just for me as a student trying to find out more about the subject, but for parents everywhere who will likely have to deal with this issue in one way or another at some time.

I was wondering if you could point me to resources on two fronts: First of all, since I am currently working on a report on the legal aspects of bullying and what affect it has on teachers, any resource on that would be great. Less immediately pressing, but surely more close to my heart, one of my daughter's teachers has commented that she shows signs of occasional bullying herself, and I wonder if you have any resources for parents of bullies as well as parents of victims. I surely don't want these early hints at bullying to turn into something bigger.

Anyway, thanks again for your site!

Brucker said...

If I may ask a specific question concerning California law (my own state), am I understanding correctly that the law is failing on point #6, and therefore does not have an explicit effect on teachers in California, or am I reading it wrong?

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