Friday, April 02, 2010

NY State of Bullying: State Legislature rates 'F'

NY State of Bullying: State Legislature rates 'F' for laws to protect schoolkids: Bully Police

Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 2:19 PM

Bully Police, a national watchdog group, has given the Empire State its lowest possible grade for not passing a law to protect schoolkids from bullies.

It’s not that the state has buried its head in the sand. Legislators have been working on a bullying law for a full decade now. But it has yet to pass.


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Patrick said...

NY state should be ashamed! My son keeps getting bullied in junior high and nothing is being done to prevent it. The last time, a kid came up behind him and slammed his head on the table. When I confronted the school, I asked the principal what he was planning to prevent this and he told me there was not much he could do. He also referred to sometimes boys will be boys. I blame the state for being last to pass antibully laws. The representatives that are responsible for these laws not being passed will be public and changes will be made. No parent should have to worry about the safety. Of their choldren