Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Bullies Rule the School Award

From the Houston Chronicle
...An 8-year-old second-grader in Houston, Texas, who said he'd been bullied for months, reached his breaking point when two boys yanked down his pants in front of their class. The unidentified boy jumped from a school balcony. Fortunately, he survived the leap. The school made the boy sign a no suicide contract before his mother arrived promising not to try to harm himself again without first talking to a “caring and supportive adult” at home or school. The teacher aware of the bullying had met with his mother seven times and did nothing to stop it.


Centennial College said...

I must say that this boy is very brave, because in such cases after happen this kind of things with this kind of boys they took time to get out from the shock of it.

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Just a MOM said...

This just happened to my 9th grade son. This happen in front of the school car rider area, By a boy who has picked on my son since 7th grade. I have a meeting with the VP in the morning.

Kentucky Ranger said...

This is so sad.
Thank God the boy survived and I hope the teacher as well as any other adults involved with this end up losing their jobs and have their teaching licenses permanently revoked.

When I was 9, I was bullied by my teacher, who enticed the others in class to bully me, just because I was from Kentucky and had just moved to Utah.

The adults who take care of our children should be held to a high standard and no one should assume that just because they're adults with teaching degrees they are above scrutiny.