Thursday, June 10, 2010

WOW - Bill Cosby says it like it is!

From and article written by Steve Oppermann -

...Bill Cosby's take on the Hadley High School educators:

"I…agree with parent Luke Gelinas, who says superintendent Gus A. Sayer, principal Daniel Smith and school committee chairman Edward J. Boisselle should go."

"Of course, many failing principals, teachers and administrators hide behind the phrase, ‘We didn't know.' That shows why the most important thing you can do as a parent is often to document your contact with those supposedly responsible adults who actually won't help you or your child…"

Mr. Cosby went on to criticize "the supposedly responsible adults at school who failed in their primary responsibility; creating a safe environment in which character and values are modeled by adults and in which academic learning can be maximized. I think the lazy, uncaring cowards that are now finding justifications and asking us to excuse their behavior deserve the strongest consequences."

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Disavowed Mother said...

Bill Cosby is an inspiration to us all. I remember the laughter of years gone by. I am dealing with bullying issues, myself.

I am writing about it at

Disavowed Mother