Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Need for improvement in Texas

Parents of Colony boy (TX) who killed self after being bullied urge protections
By WENDY HUNDLEY / The Dallas Morning News

A couple of weeks before a 9-year-old boy from The Colony killed himself, his mother sent a letter to the principal at Stewart's Creek Elementary School.

The boy was being bullied by other students, she wrote. He felt scared and threatened. And his teachers didn't seem to care.

He feels he has "no allies in his court," Debbie Lance wrote about her son, Montana, on Jan. 4. On Jan. 21, the boy walked into the nurse's restroom at the school, slipped a belt around his neck, and hanged himself.

"The Texas law doesn't cover much except transferring kids who are being bullied," said Brenda High, founder of Bully Police. "That doesn't solve the problem. What they need to do is transfer the bad kids."

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Messy mommy said...

This one hits a little close to home (I live in Argyle TX). I get the sense from these stories that parents "don't know what to do next". Is there a step by step process that parents can follow (that I could also repost on my blog such as 1)child should tell the bully no, 2)child should tell a teacher, 3)children should tell their parent/guardian, 4)If problem persists parent should contact teacher 5)then school administration 6)then school district, 7)then police and doctor (especially if physical evidence of bullying)?